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Hello, everybody! We are glad to welcome you at our online flower shop "Florahimki.ru" Florahimki.ru has existed in the flower market since 2000. We sell and deliver flowers in Himki, Kurkino and the nearest towns and districts.We are located in Himki town of Moscow region. Flower delivery, carried out by our team, has been pleasing many people and families for more than 8 years. Over this time more than 20 thousand orders have been made. Constant clients of Florahimki.ru became staff and directors of branches of banks, restaurants and cafes, business centers, car dealerships and many merely good people in Himki and the nearest districts. We try to work well, please you with our works, grow and constantly expand the list of services. We are ready to accomplish your order in our flower salon. We have graduated, creative florists. We are always aware of new trends in floristic fashion and so we can make both traditional good bouquet and a modern original one for you. Do you want to congratulate your workmate or girlfriend, so as all his/her colleagues to see and approve your chic gift? Our company will happily deliver flowers to the office or to work. Today, flowers can be delivered by us to the nearest districts of Moscow and the city.If you want to order flowers in Himki, Dolgoprudny or Lobnya, or look for a shop where to buy flowers in Zelenograd or Krasnogorsk, do not waste time - make out an order for delivery at our website. Our operators will help you by phone or on-line chat, and couriers will quickly deliver a fresh bouquet to the right address. Florists of the company will collect bouquets for your children and men. Your adorable girls, moms, grandmothers and girlfriends will always get only bouquets with particular highlights. Your colleagues will getclassic, extravagant, cheerful bouquets, as well as compositions in vases or baskets. You can also pick up your order by self-delivery from our flower shops in Himki. If self-delivery the discount of 10% is given. We offer a wide range of bouquets and flowers to every taste and a special occasions. Wherever you are,choose a bouquet (or any other good/service) at our website, make an order, order delivery service, pay online (via card, etc.). In the shortest time we will make a bouquet for you, package the gift chosen by you at our website and deliver them to the needed address. That`s how flower order in Himki works if you use our services. Our advantages: quality assurance, excellent service, convenient payment methods and fast delivery to towns Himki, Dolgoprudny, Krasnogorsk, Zelenograd, Novogorsk, Skhodnya, Lobnya, city of Moscow, Tushino district, Kurkino district, Mitino district. No need to come for flowers, flowers will come to you. Please your darlings with "Florahimki.ru". It's very easy. Among our services there are flower delivery, wedding floristics, room decoration,gift wrapping, gift-basket creation. FLOWER DELIVERY around Himki and to other destinations • Order flowers to your home address You do not have to search for a flower shop near the house, you can use our salon service and we will deliver a bouquet around Khimki or the nearest towns free of charge. Variants for the bouquet can be found in our catalog of flowers, you can choose roses individually or buy a ready bouquet, it all depends on your desire. Urgent delivery is possible within 2-3 hours from the moment of order. Order flowers to the office If your addressee is at work, we will gladly deliver a bouquet of flowers to the office or other workplace. All the staff, seeing your girl-friend with bouquet, will askher questionsimmediately, you will become a positive example for all of them. If you want to deliver a bouquet to a business partner or business colleague, you can choose more strict flowers in our catalog in the section Business Bouquets. Flower delivery by phoner If you do not know the exact address of the recipient, or do not know it at all, that`s not a problem. Our courier service "FloraHimki" will deliver flowers if you give us the recipient's phone number. Our couriers will call the recipient, observing the "conspiracy", specify the address and bring an unexpected gift. * The minimum cost of order and flowers delivery is 1000rubles. WEDDING FLORISTICS + WEDDING FLOWERS A wedding bouquet is a bridal bouquet, it`s the most important wedding attribute. It is necessarily present at all the photos, and it is invariably caught by the most unmarried bridesmaid. Like nothing else, it conveys tenderness and timidity of the moment. We try to make each bouquet unique, as it is only your celebration and the same bouquet should not be owned by anyone. By the way, we propose to make a copy of the bridal bouquet for an unchanging rite. Your bouquet will be handed to you, and the other one will be cought by your friend, which is much cheaper. Tip: when choosing the a wedding bouquet color, you should consider not only the color of the bride's dress, but also the color of the suit, shirt and tie of the groom. Wedding car decoration will give a special solemnity to the event thanks to natural flowers. This is definitely a more elegant decor, rather than ribbons with ruffles or balloons. Boutonniere for the groom is made from the flowers that make up the bridal bouquet. Boutonniere for the fathers of the groom and the bride have recently become popular, as well as for the witness. Buy flowers for the decoration of the car making an order in our flower shop. • We suggest to decorate a cushion for the rings, made in the form of a heart. After the ceremony of exchange rings, than it can become a decoration for the wedding table. You can purchase bouquets as gifts for a wedding in our catalog. There is a custom to give flowers for each wedding, and we will help you not to waste your time and energy searching for a bouquet. Just call and order. We will bring you it in the appointed time, and you will hand flowers to the newlyweds. Wedding Flowers delivered are the best solution! • You can buy in our shop and order (at our website or by phone) natural rose petals for a wedding or just for your romantic evening with your beloved. Make an order and we will bring you fresh natural rose petals on the day of your event. ROOM DECORATION Indicator of well-being and prosperity is floral arrangements in the room, landscaping of the office. For stylish, serious and solid decor it is better to use floral arrangements and garlands are certainly more appropriate. In Holland, Belgium and Denmarkthere is a custom to give floral arrangements, but not bouquets, and the interior style and color are found out beforehand. Decoration of rooms with potted plants will impersonate your business level, as well as give the room a style and harmony. At our website, in our online shop you can buy or order potted plants,pots and also order room decoration with potted plants. No need to search on the Internet where to buy indoor flowers, just contact us and we will tell you the right solution for you. Here's what we offer to our customers: • Greening of offices, care of potted plants, indoor plants • Potted flowers for offices and houses ordered with delivery GIFT PACKAGING A beautifully wrapped gift puts a person in a mood immediately, intrigues, evokes a smile, expresses your care for the person. Various decorative details can supplement your package: jewelry, rhinestones, scarves, natural flowers. Beautiful packaging requires time, so please, make your order in advance on the eve of the holidays. • for individuals You need to have your gift beautifully and exclusively packed for a loved one, call on us, come to us and we will offer you packaging options. Some photos can be viewed here. • for corporative clients If you need to pack a lot, a lot of gifts, contact us and we will offer options for gift wrapping. Or maybe you will take the option of decorating gift food baskets, which we will discuss below. A bouquet of flowers is not always enough to be handed to a loved one, colleague or business partner. Therefore, we offer to make a gift basket to your taste. Our courier service will deliver the basket to the needed address. We can collect a gift-basket for a colleague at work or a business basket for the boss. In any case, we will help you in solving this problem. Order a gift food basket in our salon. We will decorate it with flowers,deliver the basket in time and give positive emotions to you and your business partners. Order and have plants and flowers freely delivered around Himki, Kurkino, Zelenograd, Dolgoprudny, Krasnogorsk within 2-3 hours. Our prices for bouquets will pleasantly surprise you. Инструкция In order to purchase flowers, bouquets, baskets and floral compositions in our online flower shop in Himkiclick (select) them in our catalog and placein the order basket. Fill out the order form, in which you should specify data necessary for the delivery. We have two order formsfor the customers` convenience: with registration on the site and a quick order form. Each of the forms has its advantages. When registering on the site, you have the opportunity to receive a discount on subsequent orders. If you choose "Quick Order", then our manager will call you back and coordinate the delivery destination, time and payment method. You can pay for the delivery of flowers in any convenient way: by bank card, bank transfer, electronic currencies. Also it is possible to pay the order in cash to the courier or in our salon.